Vaaka in English

Baby Bag Association Vaaka, founded in 2000, is a charitable organisation helping primarily children and families with children in Finland and in the neighbouring regions. This voluntary association provides easily accessible aid based on need at grassroots level.

The charity sponsors four different communities in the Republic of Karelia, but has also sent aid to more distant regions by means of individual collections, for example cloth menstrual pads to India to help girls attending school and baby bags to Senegal, Africa. Vaaka also operates regionally in Finland, with each region sponsoring its chosen communities and running its own projects. 

The best known aid provided by Vaaka is the baby bag. It is a small maternity care package comprising mostly of second hand clothing and necessities. Asylum seekers in Finland are given a baby package with more extensive contents. The charity also collects and puts together school bags for children in the Republic of Karelia and in Senegal, Africa. Other continuous collections include wool socks and pencil cases and a chosen piece of handicraft changing each year.